Tuesday, December 2, 2014


My oldman always told me that I should  being nice to other people. I also have be polite, dynamic, tolerant, loose, silly, mature, firm, reliant, independent etc depends on who I am with. For all these time, I try to treat people with my best even if I realize that I can never pleased everyone. People said that I'm too naive and too easy to believe in someone. It's not that I'm being naive, I just make myself to see everything in the bigger picture. I believe that everybody have their positive side and with a little kindness maybe they'll make their positive side even brighter. That's why I love being kind, being kind is that nice, make everything seemed lighter. That's why I never understand why people hurt another. Moreover I don't understand why someone hurt me when I didn't do anything that hurt them. Maybe I should re-think about what my oldman said, because it's nice to being nice but it's wiser to be wise.

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