Friday, January 17, 2014


This was a really really really great day at Belitong! We went to one island to another island by boat. Since our first day was soaked by rain, we prayed all night in order to get a sunny weather and WHAM! The next day was sunny as heaven with a blue sky and white clouds.. :D

The guide told us that we should took a boat for island hopping, so we went to Tanjung Kelayang Beach which was very beautiful and happen to be the boat's port..

Our first stop was Lengkuas Island, where the lighthouse is..
The lighthouse was sooo amazing.. consist of 18 stories but I only reached 12th floor haha

After we climbed the lighthouse, we went snorkeling which was not a good idea because the waves was high and kinda make me nausea, but somehow we got to saw the fishes and all the nausea was gone after all :)

After snorkeling, we went to the next island called Burong Island. Burong means bird for local languange, because the stones which was happen to be the sign was shaped before bird's head

We jumped to another island called Kepayang Island.. Had some hot tea and fried banana before the ocean, which was made the fried banana even tastier.. :9

We continued our island hopping to Pasir Island to met Patrick Star.. Yaaayyy! :D

And that, was our last island.. but not our last beach because after we sailed, we went to Tanjung Tinggi beach which was the film site of Laskar Pelangi the movie. Tanjung Tinggi beach was known for its hugeeeee stones and really amazed me!

and the last but not least, we ride a car to chased down the sunset at Bukit Berahu Beach, also known as  100 stairs beach because we have to climb down those stairs in order to get there, exhausting, but worth it ;)

Aaaand we ended our second day trip by having dinner at Mie Belitung Atep, which was superr delicious.. the broth was sweet and spicy and the noodle was chewy.. yummy!

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