Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Laaaaast daaayy.. huhuhuhu :(
Our last day was spent at Bangka Island, Pangkal Pinang City.. We didn't travel much because we have been here before and the weather wasn't really good so we decided to go on culinary trip..

We had breakfast at famous local coffee shop Tung Tau, which was a really nice place to had meal or just hanging around with friends

After we had such a delicious breakfast, we continued our trip to Kwam Im Goddes Shrine which was located at the china town but somehow had an islamic taste on the building

and here's the amazing thing, on our way to had lunch we happened to cross a beach that we hadn't been here on our last visit, called Rambak Beach.. But like I said, the weather wasn't really good so the nice view kinda disturbed by high waves and hard wind..

We had lunch at famous local restaurant and had Bangka's typical dishes which were seriously super delicious and affordable, mackerel fish yellow "Lempah" and spicy sauced "Lokan"

After bought several presents for our family and friends, we went to the airport to got back home :((

This 4 days vacation was really really really amazing and I can't thank God enough for all that he gave me. He gave me healthy-ness and happiness.. that's the most important thing.. Alhamduliillaaah

And, I also thanked my friends at Bangka Island who were able to accompanied us so we can have such a great vacation.. thank youuu :*

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