Sunday, December 7, 2014


So this past week, something I rather say "magical" happened to me. I met people from my past, I met my ex and I met my "old friend". The reason why I put quotes mark on "old friend" is because he wasn't really my friend, he was kinda my foe. The similar of both are when we sepparated, it wasn't really in a good way. And as far as I remember, I was so angry to them.

As I recall, it's been 2 years we havent seen each other. During the time, i was so busy on building my dream, hanging around more often with family, be there for my friends, and seeing some new guys. And surprisingly, my life was better and more interesting without them. I was so busy that I forgot that I have an anger to both of them. I forgive them even I never said it to them. 

So here's the magic begin,  when I met them, all I did was laugh and we talked a lot, kinda did some catch up here and there. I had so much fun, there wasn't an anger nor hatred towards them.

This is why I feel more and more sure that by reducing hatred and anger, we will free ourselves and our heart from burden, whatever it is. By forgiving and letting go bad feelings will make you so move on and free.

But I learned that all of this, this process need time. Need time. I agree. But the most important is not how much time we need to feel that, but what we did during the time so we finally will feel that.

So now, I will learn to letting go all of the bad feelings and let the time do their magic.. :)


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