Wednesday, July 4, 2012


More photos at the taman safari zoo.. yeaaayyyy!! :D

with Mr. Elephant :D
Auuww biyyu looked so sleepy :)
My lovely eldest sister, read her blog here
Mr. Oldman and his girls plus super adorable grandson ;)
see that happy face? aawww >,<
uh oh..biyyu was affraid of Mr. Elephant :(
yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
The girls :)
here's the photographer.. my brother-in-law.. check out his work here :D
we were sooo happy that we haven't done any vacation since, foreveeerrrr.. hahaha.
Although we were trapped by the traffic jam for hours, but still, happy moment is happy.. :D

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Went to taman safari last saturday with my family.. yaaayyy :D
My nephew, abiyyu, looked soooo amazingly happy.. he couldn't stop starring at the animals and fed them.. ubercuteee.. hahaha..

Forever21 Tops, Zara Trousers, TLTSN  Flatshoes
Abiyyu held the carrot to fed the animals.. ubercuteeee :D
the entrance mark

More photos comiiiing.. :D

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