Monday, June 11, 2012


When i watched movie, i always tried to get the message..if there are any.

Last weekend i watched Men In Black III.
it showed us how a single event or a single person could be just a tiny little spot for history and how that tiny little spot could change the future.

The universe always has it scenario.
And if we missed that, even just a tiny little spot, it will ruin or and change everything.
That's why i always believe that everything was happen for a reason and that the universe's time is never too soon and never too late.. :)

 Unbranded outer and tight, varietyshop top,
Gaudi sling bag, Forever21 headband, UP wedges

Oh, By the way, do try my favorite menu at Starbucks.. Green tea Latte and Sumateran eclair.. tastyyyy.. :9

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