Monday, April 30, 2012


Saturday was family day..
I went on a date with my oldman.. yaay!
we haven't done this like foreveeeerrr due to our activities..

so we went to this shoe shop, but sadly the shopkeeper didn't acted like she is paid for.
she saw me with this intimidating-look-eyes like i just wanted to see the goods instead of bought any of them.
well, despite of i would or wouldn't bought any of them, i think it's still important to treat costumers nicely.

I told my oldman about this and he said to me :
"You have to act evil and bored like you doesn't need any of them. works for me."

So in the next shop, i did exactly like my oldman said and..... it worked!! :)

But still, i hope i don't have to act like that on any shop.. Be nice on costumer is a really serious thing.

Gaudi outerwear, unbranded top, Zara pants, UP sandals

Me             : i want that shoes sooooo baaaaaaaaaaaddddd
My oldman : you always wanted any shoes that bad.


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