Monday, June 17, 2013


I ain't gonna say that my problems are the worst, but there are just too many things that I was forced to accept, Gaining or losing wether bad or good..

I lost and I got, but forced to let it go..

They always told me what I should or shouldn't do.. They asked me what I wanted but they ignored it once they knew.

They thought that I'm strong, but as a matter of fact.. I am NOT, AT ALL.
I spent soo many sleepless night just to imagine what if I got what I want..
But again, it's just my imagination.. So I stop to tell them what I really want instead what they really want me to become..

I tried to be anything that they want.. Strong, Bold, Independent, you named it.

And tonight, again, I got my sleepless night.. Not to imagining, but to accepting, that I still HAVE to become what they really want me to be.

I feel lonely even in the crowdest place.. I wish I could just cry and let go..



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