Friday, January 31, 2014


My heart was beating faster than usual. My brain was thinking harder than usual. And my breath was heavier than usual when I heard him said that he's gonna leave me to pursue his dream..

I felt so many things when I heard those words. I felt happy since he finally got what he really wanted so bad. I felt worried because I don't know where my life would go without him. I felt sad because I don't know if we will able to ever meet again.

But most of all, I felt angry to myself that I couldn't told him how happy and proud I was to him. All I did was just smile and everything became really blur.. I  didn't laugh at his joke and everything he said was so blurry that I couldn't remember any words he said afterwards.

They said, If you love someone you should let them free. You should support them to pursue their dream.

I did and I've no regret.

I've done my best to support him to pursued his dream, eventhough it would cost me the worst thing, to lose him.. And I thought I was ready, but I don't. somehow I just can't bear the thought that I would never see him again. 

Oh dear God, help me.. :(


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Laaaaast daaayy.. huhuhuhu :(
Our last day was spent at Bangka Island, Pangkal Pinang City.. We didn't travel much because we have been here before and the weather wasn't really good so we decided to go on culinary trip..

We had breakfast at famous local coffee shop Tung Tau, which was a really nice place to had meal or just hanging around with friends

After we had such a delicious breakfast, we continued our trip to Kwam Im Goddes Shrine which was located at the china town but somehow had an islamic taste on the building

and here's the amazing thing, on our way to had lunch we happened to cross a beach that we hadn't been here on our last visit, called Rambak Beach.. But like I said, the weather wasn't really good so the nice view kinda disturbed by high waves and hard wind..

We had lunch at famous local restaurant and had Bangka's typical dishes which were seriously super delicious and affordable, mackerel fish yellow "Lempah" and spicy sauced "Lokan"

After bought several presents for our family and friends, we went to the airport to got back home :((

This 4 days vacation was really really really amazing and I can't thank God enough for all that he gave me. He gave me healthy-ness and happiness.. that's the most important thing.. Alhamduliillaaah

And, I also thanked my friends at Bangka Island who were able to accompanied us so we can have such a great vacation.. thank youuu :*

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


We spent our last day with city tour at the capital city of Belitong, Tanjung Pandan.
After we took our breakfast, we went to Tanjung Pandan Historical Museum and saw sooo many relics such as their ancestror's ship's wreck and Satam Stones. Satam stones are the fraction of meteor stone that fell so many years ago.. Nowadays, the satam stones can be found in jewelry or ornament.

 Continued by visiting Belitong's Costume Home which was veeeeerryyyy huge and well treated. After that, we went to Kaolin's Lake which was reminded me of White Lake at Ciwidey, unless Kaolin's Lake was so hot and dessert..

We had lunch at local Restaurant and tasted the local typical food of Belitong, Stuffed Crab.. it wass supeerrrrr delicousss

Aaaaaand we ended our vacation at Belitong Island and continued to Bangka Island by plane, which was kinda scary because we took small rotor blade plane.. but thanks god we were fine :)

After we landed at Bangka and before we took a rest at the hotel, we went to street seller who sell my favorite dish.. Pempek Bakar, which was super delicious and super affordable.. I loooove them sooo much :D

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Friday, January 17, 2014


This was a really really really great day at Belitong! We went to one island to another island by boat. Since our first day was soaked by rain, we prayed all night in order to get a sunny weather and WHAM! The next day was sunny as heaven with a blue sky and white clouds.. :D

The guide told us that we should took a boat for island hopping, so we went to Tanjung Kelayang Beach which was very beautiful and happen to be the boat's port..

Our first stop was Lengkuas Island, where the lighthouse is..
The lighthouse was sooo amazing.. consist of 18 stories but I only reached 12th floor haha

After we climbed the lighthouse, we went snorkeling which was not a good idea because the waves was high and kinda make me nausea, but somehow we got to saw the fishes and all the nausea was gone after all :)

After snorkeling, we went to the next island called Burong Island. Burong means bird for local languange, because the stones which was happen to be the sign was shaped before bird's head

We jumped to another island called Kepayang Island.. Had some hot tea and fried banana before the ocean, which was made the fried banana even tastier.. :9

We continued our island hopping to Pasir Island to met Patrick Star.. Yaaayyy! :D

And that, was our last island.. but not our last beach because after we sailed, we went to Tanjung Tinggi beach which was the film site of Laskar Pelangi the movie. Tanjung Tinggi beach was known for its hugeeeee stones and really amazed me!

and the last but not least, we ride a car to chased down the sunset at Bukit Berahu Beach, also known as  100 stairs beach because we have to climb down those stairs in order to get there, exhausting, but worth it ;)

Aaaand we ended our second day trip by having dinner at Mie Belitung Atep, which was superr delicious.. the broth was sweet and spicy and the noodle was chewy.. yummy!

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I went to Belitong with my besties.. We landed at Main Belitong on 11.00 WIB, quite early because the flight from Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta International Airport) to Tanjung Pandan only took 40 minutes. The weather was not good, It was cloudy and the rain were pattering.

We decided to had lunch at local Restaurant, called Belitong Timpo Duluk. Small and nice restaurant with strong vintage ambience

After we had lunch, we continued our trip to East Belitong to visit Muhammadiyah's Primary School Gantong from Laskar Pelangi The Movie and Andrea Hirata's Words Museum.
I was moved when I saw the Muhammadiyah's Primary School.. Even the building was only a property for the movie, it was felt so real. From that humble place, born a magnificent adventure.. So fascinating..

Not so far from the school, there were the Museum. The Highlight was the coffee shop inside the Museum, called Kopi Kuli. The coffee was cooked in a unique way, they boiled it with a stove that made me so curious so I decided to go for one drink.. and guess what? It was delicious!

When we finished having coffee, the rain was poured so hard that we decided to went to Manggar, the main city of East Belitong also known as the 1000 Coffee Shop City. We went to this coffee shop which was located on the lakeside, ordered another coffee and a bowl of noodle.. Too bad my camera wasn't working there..

When the rain was stopped, we went to one of the beaches of East Belitong called Serdang Beach.. Nice beach but unfortunately we couldn't spent time there any longer due to another rain

We ended our first day trip at Mutiara Restaurant to had a dinner. We ordered stone crab which was so big and fresh and yummy and I couldn't stop munched it.. haha

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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Just landed from 4 days vacation from Belitong Island.. Yaaayyy!
I'm gonna share it soon.. hihi :3

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This year I loved, this year I've lost. This year I've changed. 

This year was hard, but l learned a lot. I've learned that people can hurt you so bad without giving any shit about it.

I learned that someone who was a part of our lives can easily turned in to a total stranger when their hearts got broken.

I've learned is that I'm strong enough to let go. To let go of those painful past of mine  that broke my heart into million pieces.

Well, People come and go.. that's life. But the most important thing is to stand up and realize that we deserve something better than a person who gives up on us.

Happy new year my fellow friends.. May this year become a blast and a wonderful year for all of us.. :)

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