Friday, June 29, 2012


Spent another day off with my little sis, Kintan.. we went to cinema, bookstore, timezone even shopping for snacks all daay loooong.. happy! :D

Giordano top, Point One Jeans, Forever21 Headpiece, TLTSN Necklace
Charles and keith Sandals, Ripcurl Bag 

Since we both a huuugeee fans of Waltdisney, we decided to watched Snow white and the Huntsman, however we both agree that we love the cartoon version more than the live version.. and the most waited persons that we both really excited to saw was the dwarfs.. haha.

Charlize theron looks so evily pretty, hahaha

We ate steaks as our dinner at Peppermill to ended our date.. nice steaks with super affordable price.. like it! :)

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Enjoying a day off with N.. yayy!
I prefer to spent my day off by enjoying good foods and relaxing my brain in the entertainment centre :)

Gaudi top, Forever21 denim and sunglasses, naughty necklace, UP wedges

And i officially in love with Bakerzin! they have seriously delicious Red Velvet cake and Bratwurst.. I'm not a cake person, therefore i really guarantee you that their red velvet is supeerrrrr tasty that even a cake-hater like me love their cake.. yaaaammm :9

After we had such a delicious meal, we watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.. I dont have any particular reasons why did i so much enchanted with this movie that i couldn't stop talked about it after we watched it.. hehe

Mr. Lincoln and his axe
aaaaaaand the last but not least, i found this ultra cute passport cover.. loooooooveeee :D

Good foods, good movie, good stuffs, such a greaaaaaaatttt daaay... alhamdulillaaah.. :)

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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Went to Lombok island last week.. yaaay!
for indonesian, lombok means chilly, but actually "Lombok" was taken from local word "lumbuk" which means "straight." So go Lumbuk and you'll find amazing place  :)

Too bad i was just stayed there for one night and my camera wasn't working well.. but still, amazing place is amazing :)
look beautiful already even still on the airplane :)
Gili Trawangan
Mooshe Outer and top, Zara trousers, UP sandals, Gaudi Bag, Forever21 floral headpiece


Monday, June 11, 2012


When i watched movie, i always tried to get the message..if there are any.

Last weekend i watched Men In Black III.
it showed us how a single event or a single person could be just a tiny little spot for history and how that tiny little spot could change the future.

The universe always has it scenario.
And if we missed that, even just a tiny little spot, it will ruin or and change everything.
That's why i always believe that everything was happen for a reason and that the universe's time is never too soon and never too late.. :)

 Unbranded outer and tight, varietyshop top,
Gaudi sling bag, Forever21 headband, UP wedges

Oh, By the way, do try my favorite menu at Starbucks.. Green tea Latte and Sumateran eclair.. tastyyyy.. :9

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Friday, June 8, 2012


When this disease stroke me, my oldman said that i don't have to go to work and just stay at home instead.
But i refused.

I remember what i said to him that i want to do this and i'm pretty much sure that i can do it.
it's really understandable that my father want to protect me but he, with all his heart encourage me, support me, give me strength to carry on and keep on walking on my track..

When i told him that i finally achieved something in my office, he hug me and i saw his eyes flooded by tears..
I'm so proud of myself that i can make it, and i know my father proud of me too.
It's like my biggest achievement so far..

Allah is really kind to me and allah love me as much as allah gave me a father and a family like i have.. alhamdulillah.. :)

Picnic outer, unbranded top, zara trousers, UP wedges, Roxy hobo bag


Monday, June 4, 2012


Heyhooo fellas..!
how was your holiday?
Me just spent my holiday with my lil sister Kintan did this and that.
I cooked "pecak" for our dinner.. Pecak is a traditional recipe from betawi-nese.
you should try it.. it is traditionally tasty.. yeeem :9

Here's the recipe...

First, prepare the ingredients

next, roast the ingredients except the lime

put the roasted ingredients to the mortar and add salt as much as you want

mashed the roasted ingredients but don't make it too soft and add boiled water on to it

slice the lime and add the lime's water on to the mortar

put the ingredients on to the fried fish aaaaand voila..
is ready to served
sorry if i couldn't explain everything well.. but trust me, this is a very simple recipe.. even I could made it on 5 minutes.. :)

Happy cooking everyone.. :)

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